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Weight Lifting Training Gloves

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Sports - Fitness - Weight Lifting Training Anti-skip Gloves - Hand Palm Protector.



1. Unique earth gate design and production.

2. Wind-spun fabric composite, good warmth.

3. The palm has an anti-slip design.

4. Thumb and index fingertips with conductive fabric, so you can use your phone at any time.

5. Wool, soft and comfortable.

6. Suitable for outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, and tourism.



Type: Weight Lifting Glove

Model Number: Fitness Gloves

Color: black, red

Sport type: cycling, outdoor sports, sports and fitness

Feature: Wool, soft and comfortable.

Weight: 65g

Material: composite elastic fabric, talcum powder




Function 1: For Barbell

Function 2: For Dumbbells

Function 3: For Pull ups

Function 4: For horizontal bar

Function 5: For parallel bars

Function 6: For Bench press

Function 7: For Kettle bells

Function 8: For weightlifting