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Yoga - Foam Pilates - Kneeling Pads

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Cushion support for Knee - Wrist - Hips - Hands - Elbows - Balance Support Pads - Yoga Exercise Sports. Foam Pilates Kneeling Pads.


Color: light pink, light blue, black, purple, dark green, rose red, dark gray

Material: PVC

Item: Yoga Knee Pads

Package: 2pc




1. Lightweight and Portable: Our yoga knee pads are light and easy to carry, you can put them in your yoga bag and take them to any gym to exercise.

2. Comfortable and Excellent Protection: You can exercise comfortably on a hard floor. A circular space is provided at the center of the yoga knee pad, perfect curvature to adapt to the joints, Relieve discomfort during physical activity.

3. Non-slip and Waterproof: Our yoga knee pads are durable and heat-resistant.  Resistant to water and sweat.